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Exemptions to Labour Market Testing

Even if the occupation is on the LMT list, exemptions from labour market testing will apply where:

  • a current employee of a business that is an associated entity of your business that is located in an Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) country (Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), Chile or New Zealand;
  • where the employee has worked full time for the nominating business for the last 2 years;
  • the applicant is a citizen of a World Trade Organisation member country and has worked for you in Australia on a full-time basis for the last two years or business currently operates in a World Trade Organisation member country and is seeking to establish a business in Australia, where the nominated occupation is listed as an “Executive or Senior Manager” or;
  • where workers are required to respond to a major disaster.

The following ANZSCO codes apply to the following occupations:

Labour Market Testing may be required when applying for a 457 Nomination in the following (PDF) list.

Eligible temporary visa holders

At the time of nomination the person is the holder of a Subclass 417 (Working Holiday) visa  or a Subclass 462 (Work and Holiday) visa; and the person is employed in the agricultural sector by the nominating employer (or an associated entity of that business); and the temporary visa does not prohibit the person from performing that employment.

Evidence Requirement

Where required, all evidence about the advertising or other recruitment efforts made in relation to the nominated occupation completed during the last twelve months is required. The standard business sponsors (SBS) must provide evidence of having tested the local labour market when lodging their nomination. The types of evidence required can be found
here  (opens in a new window)

A complete list of all occupations that may require LMT testing can be found here (opens in a new window)

Labour Market Testing

Subclass 457 Visa

Licensing and/or Professional Associations

In many occupations you must be registered with or obtain a license from a local authority in the state or territory where you want to practise your occupation. Contact the local authority in your relevant state or territory to enquire about the licensing or registration requirements. It may benefit to become a member of a relevant industry association for your occupation which could help with your employment and visa application prospects.

Before lodging an application for skills assessment it is recommended that you contact us first.

ANZSCO Occupation List Downloads (opens in a new window)